Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raleigh, North Carolina.

This past weekend hubby and I ventured up to North Carolina with my in-laws to visit  my brother-in-law Michael and his wife Stacy. Actually hubby and his dad had the luxury of taking a short flight up there while me, Cathy, and Mere had to endure the 9 hour drive! The boys enjoyed watching some of the NCAA March Madness games. They got to watch Alabama lose to Creighton and UNC beat whoever they were playing! Hubby loves some basketball so I was happy for him to get to experience a big time game. 
Obviously, they got there quite early... but he said it was fun fun fun! Well anyways we joined up with them later that night around 1am Eastern time. We caught up and then settled in for the night. Saturday we made our way around Raleigh... ate some yummy CookOut and did some shopping at H&M. Finally got me some coral pants, maybe a post to come about those soon {love them}.
We had a picnic for lunch out at a park. The weather was wonderful and I was soaking up that wonderful sunshine!
Saturday night we cooked up some delicious lasagna and had some fun playing MadGab. Yes, the girls team won again. This is going to become the official game of the Watford family. Sunday we went to their church Open Door- we really enjoyed seeing where they go and their preacher was great! After lunch we went back to the church for the Congolese service. They spoke in French, but had a translator and I really enjoyed it. I love experiencing different cultures and seeing how they worship. It reminded me of being in Venezuela or Mexico and listening to the preachers speak Spanish.. and not having an idea of what they are saying, but completely feeling the Holy Spirit move around you! Those are times you don't forget!
{The bulletin for the Congolese service... French, French, French!}
Big shout out to my sweet hubby this weekend. He definitely went out of his way to make sure I had fun and was taken care of. I appreciate his wisdom in our marriage. Love him!

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  1. How fun ! I went up to SC last weekend, great states :) Great pictures, looks like you had a great visit!