Friday, March 2, 2012

High 5 For Friday.


This week was crazy... so much work, so little time! But we did manage to squeeze some fun in.

#1. February date night to Firebirds! Thanks to an awesome Christmas gift from my lovely sister-in-law and her hubby!
#2. Season finale of Parenthood on Tuesday. Ohh, the anticipation of next season is a killer!
#3. I had the privilege of making dinner for our sweet friends from our sunday school class on Thursday night! I love cooking for other people... plus we got to go spend some time with precious Parker!!

#4. Like I posted yesterday. I'm so excited about #Marchphotoaday!
day 1. {waking}UP
day 2. FRUIT

#5. Hubby was accepted to UAB for grad school! I'm so proud of my favorite boy! He will start working toward his MBA in August!
Go Blazers!

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