Friday, February 3, 2012


{Friday's Favorite Five}

#5. Cheap Valentine's decor!
I got this for less than $2!
#4. Lounge time
I don't have as much chill time at night now, I feel like we're going all the time! So it has been wonderful to have some down time in the afternoons!

#3. Bible study
We meet every other week with the girls from sunday school! We just love getting together and chatting it up- and going through our study!

#2. Kisses From Katie
I'm borrowing this book from my MIL and it is amazing! I'm only 5 chapters in and I can honestly say it's a must read!
#1. Date night
With my wonderful hubby! I love anytime we get to spend together!

Good, good week!


  1. I just put Kisses from Katie on my kindle, can't wait to start it!

  2. Kiss from Katie is an absolutely phenomenal book. i got it for my birthday and already have read it twice. very inspirational and heart-wrenching!