Monday, February 27, 2012


Last night too many thoughts kept me awake!

I was slightly upset with myself and my mind was just a thinkin' away. In my bible study with my girls from Sunday school we just started studying "The Me I Want to Be"

Since reading the first few chapters the Lord has been working on me. Last night He convicted me that too often I look outwardly about who I strive to be. My flesh desires to be someone I was not designed to be.

I began to think, it's not about who I want to be... it's about who I'm meant to be!

I was convicted that who I'm meant to be is a better version of my here and now... not becoming someone else. So, who am I... right now? I'm a Christian, a wife, a daughter (in-law), a sister (in-law), a teller, a blogger, a photographer, a crafter, a couponer, a fashionista, and a decorator.
Okay so I may have stretched the last few, but I strive to be those!

So in order to become who I'm meant to be I need to stop focusing on others around me and focus on improving in who I am.

Here's what I came up with to become better in each of these areas.
I am a Christian: Serve, Encourage, Love, Pray, Give, Meditate, Praise
I am a Wife: Honor, Respect, Love, Cook/Clean, Submit, Support, Serve, Give
I am a Daughter: Honor, Serve, Love
I am a Sister: Love, Share, Listen
I am a Teller: Work hard, Diligence, Listen, Patient, Happy
I am a Blogger: Honest, Share, Fun, Creative
I am a Photographer: Learn, Practice, Confident
I am a Crafter/Couponer/Fashionista/Decorator: Practice, Fun

Do you have any more to add? So instead of taking this as a get by free ticket... I'm taking it as a challenge to become what I'm meant to be. Join me?

So lastly, we got our prize pack from the "You Had me at War Eagle" contest through AuburnArt today! Lots of fun orange and blue stuff :)
War Eagle!

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  1. I LOVE this post! So glad you're enjoying the book! We have a busy couple weeks going out of town a lot, so we will miss the next 2 SS classes. But I'll be at BS, no worries! :)