Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five for Friday.


1. All things Valentines. Including my wonderful Valentine:
{even though he is a goob}

2. Making our bed cozy and welcoming like this:

3. Laughing. I made 4 big ole mistakes this week in my cooking. Which resulted in one meal that wasn't edible. :) Glad hubby will laugh with me and then order us a pizza!

4. Baking successes. It's only right to say something I did right after sharing the negative details! Made some delicious cupcakes and blondie brownies. YUM!

5. Winning 2nd runner up in the "You Had Me at War Eagle" contest through AuburnArt :) We will see what our prize is once we get it in the mail. Ohhh, the anticipation!

Have a happy weekend, soak up the weather today.


  1. No, I didn't know your niece was going to be Caroline, too! How funny! :) Hope you have a great weekend Summer! :)

  2. I love blondie brownies!! I'm sure they were so delicious!

  3. Love that bedroom inspiration, especially the colors!

    Baking successes are the best!

    Happy Friday!