Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January date night.

To go with our New Year's Goals we squeezed our January date night in the nick of time right before February arrives. For dinner I cooked up some Baked Beef Ziti! This recipe was super delish and tasty!
Next I planned for us to spend some {cheap} quality time together. We learned in sunday school that guys typically feel loved when you spend time together side by side. With that being said, I went to redbox to try and find a PS3 game we might could play together. Of course ALL the games were shoot 'em up games, except there was one- Spiderman. I thought that would have to do. It was kind of a dud but still provided many many laughs and Matthew continuing to prove I will never beat him at anything! (and I like it that way :)!)

Thankfully I had planned one more activity to save the night when the Spiderman didn't work out! Homemade Doughnuts!!!
They were easy-peasy to make! And SOOOO delicious! I'm sure this will become a regular at our house! They were yummy right after making them and then again this morning after being warmed for about 10 sec. YUM. So Matthew being the great great hubby that he is let me document the occasion with a fun picture!
So I think we both count our January date night a success... I told Matthew he's got to out do me next month... lucky for him whatever we do for Valentines will count :)
January date night: $5 ... can't beat that :)

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