Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There is something about bringing in a new year that makes me want to go organization crazy! I suppose it has a lot to do with my obsession with pinterest and all the January edition magazines that are all about organization! Along with getting everything straightened up, I'm also into making things look new. This is more of a challenge since we are on a strict budget.

I tackled the newness in our den area easily... For Christmas me and Matthew got money to go toward a new tv stand. We found one we loved at and it arrived late last night! It had everything I wanted in a stand: lots of room for storage and no glass! We got started putting it together around 10:30pm and finished right at 1am.
We love it!
I was super excited about it because my baskets fit inside. When you open the doors its not crowded and packed in there... it's pretty. I love pretty organization!

So besides that, I've been through my closet and desk drawers. Whew, reorganizing! I'm probably not doing much at all but I enjoy shifting everything (even ever so slightly) for a newness!

Besides that I've been thinking about wall decor and how I would like to change it. Now pretty much, this is crazy talk. We moved here at the beginning of August, I'd say this is a little soon to be thinking like this... I can't help it! Here's my latest pinterest crazes:
Oh to have all the room and money to organize... one day! Hope to be back on Friday with a come-back Ff5!

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