Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas #3.

Sorry to be so late on this post, but the internet roller coaster ride continues. We planned to get internet through AT&T on Wednesday night but with SO many problems we didn't have it up and running until Saturday afternoon. So I'm back- hopefully back to the consistent blogging days!

Let me tell you about our 3rd and final Christmas. I considered skipping out on this post but I thought about how horrible I am about doing what I say I'm going to do with this blog. SO BAD! So here I am, catching up... again.

On New Year's weekend we planned for all of my siblings/spouses/babys to head to Huntsville to do our Christmas! We went to Taylor and Heather Stallings wedding on Friday night (which was beautiful, might I add!) then headed to Huntsville right after. That Friday night being our Christmas Eve we just enjoyed hanging with everyone and preparing the stockings for the next morning. Saturday we woke up to a wonderful breakfast prepared by all the men of the family :) And then it was time for stockings and presents! My mom is an avid believer of stocking stuffers. She does such a great job and is one of my favorite things about Christmas morning. Me and Matthew got a new tv! I had schemed with my parents to surprise Matthew... it was difficult to keep it quiet that long, but well worth the wait! He was excited :)
We planned to do a late lunch since we ate such a big delicious breakfast. So of course we needed to keep Tatum entertained, so we took her to Bridgestreet to ride the carousel! She loved it! And it made great pictures!
Sunday we went to church and then later went to go see Sherlock Holmes (soo good!)! It was a fun weekend to just relax and enjoy being all together!! Now we're trying to talk my dad into taking us on a Disney cruise for next Christmas! fingers crossed!
We got to stay till Monday since me and Matthew were both off for New Years. Mom got to keep Tatum, so we had fun enjoying a little more time with her!

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