Friday, February 12, 2010

A Winter Wonderland.

Today was great. But it started with yesterday being great. Around four I received a text message from AU Alert- it informed that school would NOT be in session today! First thing in my mind: Yes! Now I can stop studying!
Today was so great because it included sleeping in, playing in the snow, hot chocolate, eating at Amsterdams, and the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies! That sentence consisted of like almost all my favorite things!
Today was also so great because I got to play in the snow with my boy- Matthew, my bff- Jeanna, and my roomie/cousin- Robyn! I definitely do not get to spend enough time with either of these girls. So this made me very happy!
Today was so great because I got to spend some quality time in the snow. We traveled from our apartment, down College to Samford Lawn, back to around Cater and Haley, to the Student Center, to the transit stop and Jordan Hare, and then headed back to the apartment with a stop by Comer and Funchess! It was all so beautiful!
Of course another awesome addition to the day was Grandmother and Granddaddy taking us out to Amsterdams for Valentines! And after Blake and Katherine came over to watch the opening cermonies of the Winter Olympics! I'm looking forward to a fun few weeks of some hardcore winter sports!

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