Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All artsied out.

Whew, is it only Wednesday? I'm completely worn out! This week as certainly been the craziest school week I've had in a while. But it wasn't a whole lot of studying per say, more like artsy projects! Those things wear me out! I had to make two posters, one with 3d features... these created two nights of staying up really late.
This makes me think about how much I've changed from Freshman year. I used to stay out til sometimes 3 am back then! Now getting in at 12 is late! I must be getting old, and getting ready for the real world of having to get up early and work 8 hours a day! (yikes!)
Last night I ventured out of my comfort zone and went to Robyns Church of the Highlands bible study with her! I've been needing one, and the one at Lakeview doesn't really fit my schedule. But anyways, it was really good and I'm glad I went! They're talking about the Fruits of the Spirit so I know that will be great to get into to!
Okay so now to continue on with my addiction. As I sit here I'm watching the olympics. I just can not explain to you how much I love it and want to watch it all night long! My absolute favorite is the speed skating (Apolo Anton Ohno). I love his individual events and also the relays. My next favorite is the snowboarding (Shuan White), while curling comes in for a close third. (mmm, maybe not!) Yesterday I saw our USA snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis compete in her event (like the snowboarding cross) and she completely busted and was disqualified. This is after last olympics when she won a silver medal. Yes, that sounds good- except for the fact that she had a major lead and did a trick on the last jump and fell and barely got silver! Think about how much criticism she has had to deal with for the past four years! I was rooting for her, so sad it didn't work out! She definitely still had a positive attitude after though! Hope I'm not totally boring you with this- but if you haven't tuned into it yet... I recommend it! It will really bring out your patriotism! (3 golds today... keeps me cheering, USA! USA! USA!)
To continue my journey of becoming domesticated- I cooked dinner tonight! I decided I would make it Taco Wednesday (maybe Tuesday would have been better! haha) They turned out good, but this time around I used Great Value brand taco seasoning instead of like El Paso, I think I'll splurge and spend the 25 extra cents for now on! Oh well, another successful meal: my number just keeps growing!


  1. Miss you! I love reading your blog:) Hope next week things calm down and we can get together!!

  2. Sometimes the store brands are fine - just gotta try them out. The Old El Paso is one of those for me as well.