Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day of Love.

Saturday me and Matthew went out to celebrate one happy year and Valentines! He surprised me and took me to Hamilton's in downtown Auburn and to see When in Rome at the theater, and to end a great night at Applebees for dessert. Now I can't forget that he showed up at my door with a single rose and two (count it!) box of chocolates! We ended the night by coming back to my house and watching the Olympics (which I am obsessed with and will get to later)
Valentines went off almost without a hitch. Well, it was great until I got home. The fun part of the day included going to sunday school and then heading to B'ham with Matthew, Blake, and Katherine! We met mom, dad, Liz, Amy, Wade and the Watford fam at Cracker Barrel. It was delicious and us college students got loaded up with treats and Valentines goodies. We also got a few pretty fun memorable pictures taken.
Matthew was a good sport- must have been some of my Valentine treat :) haha After lunch we loaded back up and headed back towards Auburn. Got home and laid down- I was so tired. After a little while I called up mom to discuss the afternoon, uh oh I was in break down mode. No worries though, I survived. I decided I needed some comfort food and a Valentine treat for myself so I went and picked up some Pandas. If you know me you know I'm in LOVE with that place- oh how appropriate for V-day! Later I went to watch Matthew's intramural basketball team play- they won and I thought they played great. Oh the fun-ness of the day just keeps coming. When I got home I had been texting Mom and I called her. If you could take some time and say a little prayer for my sister Elizabeth that would be awesome. She's going through some not fun stuff (stupid boy) and I want, as she wants too, for her to just get over this boy. I know she'll get through it, because our God is so good!
Okay, so to my addiction- the Olympics. Ever since Friday night when the pre-coverage for the opening ceremonies I have been clued to the Tv. (Of course this was no help last night when I needed to be studying!) I don't care what sport is on, I'll watch it and I'll get into it! My absolute favorite is speed skating (Apollo Anton Ohno)- I could just sit and watch that for forever. One of my things to do on my bucket list is to go to an Olympic sporting event! Ahh, tell me you love it as much as I do. I feel like we should have an Olympic Party!!

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