Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sometimes its okay to be lovey-dovey. Like Monday, Happy 365 days to me and my sweet boy :) Unfortunately we both had tests and Matthew had to study for the two he had the next day. None the less, I was determined to celebrate. I decided I would cook dinner. Manicotti to be exact along with warm bread to dip in EVOO and pepper.


It was delish, if I do say so myself! Matthew agreed, giving him further reason to believe that I may be able to run a household at some point! Of course I can't forget that Matthew showed up with flowers and a cute little bear :)


He's a good'n! So after eating I let him get to the studying- but he stayed around to celebrate when he needed a break! I decided a good dessert would be a Carmello bar to share and some sparkling grape juice. I mean we were celebrating!


And what a wonderful year it was. I got to experience some fun things, and got to experience it WITH my sweets- what more could I ask for?

On a completely different note. On Saturday night we all got together at Mammaws to meet baby Conner- Jim's grandson! He is just as precious as can be, and so adorable! I pray that he will be able to grow up in a steady home and will be blessed through all the life experiences he has ahead of him.


What a blessing a new baby is.

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