Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warrrrrr Eagle, hey.

Whew, the weekends already practically over. It went by too fast, but it was fun! Mmm, I feel like I haven't updated in forever, I miss it! Well to start off, on Thursday my sailing lab got cancelled due to cold weather :) Since I was already up and moving I went ahead and picked up some Chickfila breakfast to surprise Matthew and take him to class! It was a good Thursday, just jam packed- I had to tutor, and then go to my never ending PLANET meeting.
Friday I decided to venture out of my comfort zone a little bit. I talked to Kacey Shaver the night before on facebook about coming to her "Madly In Love With Me Sleepover" (haha) I decided I would go and not spend the night, it would be good to have some good quality girl time! So Friday night came around and me and Matthew went to our favorite with Mammaw, Loredos! And then off I went to Holly's house (where the sleepover was at!) Well to say the least Im so glad I went. We played Loaded Questions, and I got to know some good girls! Well around 10 I headed out because Matthew and I had finally found some time to go hang out with our engaged friends, Kyle and Lauren. We ended up just sitting around talking and watch Curling on tv.
Saturday. Mmm, I love my lazy days. I slept in, yeah... I needed it. Did a little bit of school in the afternoon and thats it. I was so excited because my aunt Tina and our friend Ken from China were coming in town! So we ate dinner with them two and Grandmother and Grandaddy. Although they disagree but Village Wok ain't got nothing on Pandas :) After we hurried off to the AU vs. Ark basketball game. We went planning on losing- like I've said before... I've come to expect a loss. Not good I know, but thats just how it is. Anyways, we surprised me and we won!! War Eagle, hey! Actually they passed out those signs that you can pull apart to show a message at the game! They said War Eagle on them! So everytime we did a War Eagle I would slowly pull it apart and then close it right before the "hey" to open it again real quick! I have to find ways to entertain myself in the second half of games. I typically enjoy the first half and then it gets a little too mundane for me!
After the game we stopped by Krogers to pick up some cookie dough, yeah it was one of those nights! And we headed to Matthew's to watch The Time Travelers Wife. After hearing it wasn't too good (and also that it was good) I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. It was a little on the weird side so I doubt I would watch it again, but enjoyable to say the least!
I was so excited to go to church this morning because I feel like I haven't been in forever. We haven't been able to make it to Wednesday night in forever, due to school and such! So I was excited to hear Curtis and Bro. Al bring The Word. In sunday school were still going through Genesis and I learn so much every week. We were on chapter 37 this week about Joseph being sold into slavery. Curtis brought up some verses that I really needed to hear, and some things have already started to change. In the service Bro. Al started by telling us he was going to interupt the sermon series he's in the middle of to talk about something else. I knew then it was going to be on all the lottery/gambling stuff going on in Alabama. Surely enough it was, and Im so glad I was there to hear it- I was one of those people that I really just thought if thats how those stupid people want to spend their money than thats fine. Wrong. Gambling is wrong and we should not support it in any way. Gambling isn't wise (1 Timothy 6:10), it isn't loving (Romans 13:8-10), and it doesn't glorify God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Gambling is a parasite to our country, don't support it! The only people who "win" are those who run the casinos!

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  1. I balled my eyes out during the Time Travelers Wife!