Monday, July 30, 2012

17 Weeks.

Baby W is the size of a onion!

How far along? 17 weeks!!
Total weight gain? 1 lb.
Maternity clothes? Please!! ALL the time would be most comfy! Or let me stay in my Nike shorts! 
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Good, still waking up usually two times a night!
Best moment last week? Getting back in our normal routine!
Movement? Nothing yet!
Food cravings? Still junk food... sooo horrible I know!
Gender? MIL says girl, my mom switches between saying He or She.
Labor signs? None!
Belly button in/out? In
Missing? Fitting in my clothing!
Looking forward to? Getting settled in our apartment! 
Milestones? Nothing big that I know of :)

(posted a week late again /: Ugh!) 

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