Monday, July 23, 2012

16 Weeks.

{Mediterranean Sea, location of the Sermon on the Mount, shore of the Sea of Galilee, on the Sea of Galilee}
All of these pictures were taken toward the end of the week! I feel like Friday is when my belly popped out!!

Baby W is the size of an avocado!

How far along? 16 weeks!!
Total weight gain? Didn't get to weigh this week since I was in Israel!
Maternity clothes? I wore one actually maternity shirt and my belly band twice! 
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Going pretty good! Being exhausted helps! Took me a little longer than normal to get over the jet lag when in Israel!
Best moment last week? Taking my little belly baby to Israel! Surviving the plane ride and the intense heat!
Movement? Nothing yet!
Food cravings? All I said the whole trip was that I wanted some McDonalds... mostly because I knew there was one in Israel so I could get it. But of course we didn't go!
Gender? No clue! My friends say "I see you with a girl... or a boy" haha!
Labor signs? I'm not absolutely positive but Thursday morning in bed I think I may have had my first Braxton Hick contraction! It's the only thing I can figure and they say you can start feeling those in your second trimester! It was a super strange feeling! Nothing painful, just strange and exciting!
Belly button in/out? In
Missing? Being tough. This trip was very physically demanding due to little sleep, intense jobs, and crazy heat (109 heat index!!) I had to sit lots and take so many breaks! I'm not used to that at all!
Looking forward to? We move into our new apartment over the next couple of days! Then I can actually start working on our nursery and baby stuff!! 
Milestones? Taking Baby bump pictures while in Israel! How neat that my little bundle of joy got to "go" to the Holy Land! 

{This post is posted a week late from my actual 16th week}

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