Saturday, July 14, 2012

Israel: travels and day one.

Wellll, we made it :)
After a long day of traveling all across the world, but what seemed like mostly in the US, we landed in Tel Aviv, Israel around 2:30 pm Israel time on Saturday. We praise the Lord for safe travels and easy plane rides. (Although, I will admit that the long 10 hour flight was one of the hardest I've ever endured. Between getting up to get my blood flowing (docs orders) and trying to find a comfortable way to sleep, I was actually pleased with my measly two hours of on and off sleep!)
{at the airport in Atlanta!}
After arriving we all made it through passport control with no problems- PTL! (We heard from a man on the plane that leaving is much more difficult, so we will see how that goes!) We found all of our bags and trunks with the exception of one suitcase. Poor sweet little Elizabeth's bag didn't make it and we hope to be able to pick it up tomorrow sometime! We met up with our bus driver and were off to the camp.

Once here we learned one couple would be staying in a different location from the rest of the group. There is a guest house with five bedrooms and then about a football length away there is an apartment type hallway in another building where me and Matthew will be staying! We have nice little single beds and a bathroom to share with our bus driver down the hall!
{Our room for the week}
After getting settled Phillip, the man who runs the camp presently, gathered us all for a short meeting to explain what our week might look a little like. After hearing from him I feel more prepared and excited about the work we will be doing here at the camp. Thankfully we have a day and half of touring before our real work begins! Which will be wonderful so we are fully on the time change when the hard work starts up!!

For dinner we headed out to a restuarant that is refered to as the "Cracker Barrel" by many Alabamians who visit. This is only in reference to the fact that you walk through a store before you come to the actual restuarant! The actual name is translated to "Fun Center"... which we thought was funny in itself!! There a few of the team members got a little wild and ordered some fun stuff! Me and Matthew stuck to the basics and had Penne noodles with a cream of pesto sauce! It was good, but not quite as flavorful as we are used to!
{"Fun Center" napkin}

{Paul loved his sweet potato ravioli}
We are looking forward to seeing more of Israel tomorrow as we tour! The details haven't been layed out for us completely but I'm pretty sure we will be going to see and SWIM in the the Dead Sea tomorrow and then go see Jerusalem on Monday! Please continue to pray for our team as we travel tomorrow and then prepare to serve the campers here at the camp on Monday!!

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