Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Streak: broken.

We all knew it had to come to an end at some point. Auburn's 17-0 undefeated streak came to an end this past Saturday. It was sad, but we sure will survive. The weekend was still quite wonderful.

So Friday Elizabeth came into town to check out our apartment and head out of town to Spartanburg, South Carolina where Matthew's aunt and uncle live. They were gracious enough to let us, along with many others, stay at our house! Me and Liz rode in her convertible to her lake house. We left that fun car there to hop in with Matthew to go on our long trip up North :)
So we spent some time Friday night hanging and enjoying the family. Which led to waking up way too early! We got to Clemson University around 9:20 am for a 12 o'clock kick. That's a lot of time when you don't have a tailgate to go to. So we walked around and took in the sites:
Clemson is known as "Auburn on a lake" but I kinda disagree. The do have a building that is similar to Samford... but besides that, not too much. For one thing, their campus is VERY hilly (reminded us more of Tennessee actually). But we thought it was nice and pretty overall. We decided to head to Tiger Walk. We had heard that the buses were going to drive straight into the stadium- eliminating any Tiger Walk at all. But we lucked out! Nan and Daddy Butch got us front row spots so I gave tons of high-fives and lots of "Let's go boys!" hahahaha, I soo enjoyed it.
{My favorite Lutzi and Trotter!}
After Tiger Walk we got to meet up with the Palmer clan! It was so much fun enjoying our Auburn family on gameday :)
So then it was time for the game. We we're high, like on row double I... yes, that high! Well they we're slightly delusional about their "The most exciting 25 seconds in college football" Yeah, they were talking about them touching their rock and running down a grass hill: disappointment. But anyways, we played a good first quarter and it was down hill from there. The sun came out just to make watching that game slightly more unbearable! Ugh, we were happy to dismiss our self from "death valley"
After gathering everyone riding home with us... We headed back to Spartanburg. We ate some yummy food, celebrated Will's 11th birthday, watched football, and just enjoyed being with a huge chunk of the family! Sunday we woke up and headed home too early.
Who ever thought an away game road trip could be SO fun. Oh pick me! I'm used to losing on the road... but its the people I go with and the memories I make that I take with me long after I forget about our loss.

So, War Eagle anyways!

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