Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All in.

War Eagle!
Mom and Dad picked us up on Friday afternoon and we were off to the loveliest village on the plains. You wouldn't believe how excited me and Matthew were for this day to finally arrive! I guess winning the championship last year left a wonderful taste in our mouth :)
So the game was anything but boring. It was steamy hot and incredibly nerve-racking! In the last 5 minutes I went from having the thoughts of losing to "Yayyyy, we win!!!" I'm usually pretty tolerant to bamers and their comments... but Saturday was ridiculous. I couldn't believe everything I read on facebook through the day. All I know is that we have 365 days to live up our win from them last year and that time is not up! 28-27!!

Okay an exciting announcement! My cousin Robyn is engaged!! Greg asked her on Friday night and we all could not be more excited :) Can't wait for August 4th! (Girl, you better get on writing a post about this!!)
Congrats you two! Me and Matthew are SO SO SO excited for this exciting time in yalls life!

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