Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's favorite five.

I saw this on a blog this morning, and I've wanted to find something I could consistently blog on each week. So here it is, some of my highlights from the week.

1. Ready to move on.
Finally coming to the point where I'm ready to get a job. I've definitely enjoyed my time off but I am more than ready to find somewhere to work now!

2. Thursday night football.
It seems like the past two weeks Thur night football didn't at all appeal to me. The games were boring and I didn't care who was playing. Last night LSU played at Miss State. Yay, a SEC match up. And I went against everything I know and went for LSU. They won, so I was happy.

3. Lunch with mom and Elizabeth.
On Thursday I got to meet up with Liz and mom for lunch and a little shopping. I enjoy any quick visits from the fam... one of the many reasons that Birmingham is the perfect place for us.

4. Lunch with mom.
On Tuesday we met up in Cullman for some lunch and quality time. I so enjoy meeting up with my mom and getting to share my heart with here. After some shopping down town we hit up Cracker Barrel... then went for a walk at a baseball park so we could, in good conscious, go back to CB for some CocaCola Cake. Yum!

5. My time with the Lord.
Me and Matthew have been going through chapters of scripture separately every day. At night when we get in bed we talk about anything that stuck out to us or really convicted us. I've enjoyed is so much, and also just enjoyed having scripture on my mind through the day.

So that's my 5 for the week... it was kind of a low key week, but still great. War Eagle! We are off to Spartanberg tonight to go to Clemson on Saturday!!

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