Friday, September 23, 2011


Friday's favorite five:

1. Tuesday night basketball.
Matthew plays in a church league on Tuesday nights at Dawson. This week they only had five players so they had to play the whole game. And not only that... but they went to over time. Of course the one time they can't sub out they have to play even longer. But it was totally worth it because they came out with a victory!

2. Television.
How sad it is that we get so excited about the new "fall shows" coming out. We loaded up just to see what we would enjoy this season. The Office didn't disappoint which I was slightly surprised about!

3. Dinner.
I know this hasn't happened yet, but it's tonight... so I think its okay. We're going to dinner with my cousin Ryan and his wife Aubrey. We live literally 5 minutes from each other but haven't seen each other since we've moved! We're going to Iguana's Grill (my favorite Mexican!) so that will be delish too!

4. Interview.
On Monday afternoon I got a call from a bank I applied at to come in for an interview on Tuesday. I was thrilled to actually even have an interview :) It went well, and we shall see what happens.

5. Another interview.
I got a call this morning (Friday!) from a dermatology office asking if I could come in for an interview on Monday. This is just such an encouragement because when I applied to SO many jobs in Auburn last year I only had one interview (out of about a billion applications!) Prayers for this interview are greatly appreciated :)

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend with lots of family time! Meaghan is coming in town, so it will be great to catch up with her! AND I'm having a girls sleepover Saturday night!! Can't wait!!

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