Monday, September 12, 2011

Cool weather.

Some cool weather came in this past week. I pulled out my jeans for the first time in a long time. Fall is near :) I'm pretty sure tons of Labor Day pool parties were cancelled last Monday. It rained ALL day, with lots of wind. We planned to grill steaks at the Watford's house but when we got over there the power got knocked out.
So we ended up just going out to McCalisters... but with a promise of grilling steaks on Thursday night. Me and Matthew both thought, "Sweet, two meals in one week!"

Seems we had a regular busy week. I don't ever understand how we get so busy... it should be that we have Matthew's basketball game on Tuesday night (they won by the way!) and thats it. Nope, stuff ALWAYS comes up. My biggest thing this week though was that my car battery died and it took a while to get a new one. We went to WalMart and they didn't have it so then we had to wait till the next day. That made for a LONG week!

Of course all week though I got to look forward to Saturday. We headed to Auburn Saturday morning (after getting some free Chickfila breakfast! Yum!) with Mike, Meredith and Nan and Daddy Butch! I was really excited to see how are team improved in one weeks time and see if we were capable of taking out a SEC team. We were :) It was a good game.
War Eagle! We're off to Clemson this weekend to watch our Tigers play! :)

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