Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In the kitchen.

I've been cooking up a storm here lately! A few things I've never cooked before... fun :) It's really quite overwhelming for me to think about how I need to come up with atleast 5-6 good meals every week. And be budget conscious too! I think it will take me some time to get used to it and get good at it!!

So like two weeks ago Mammaw stopped by to see us and our apartment on her way to Huntsville to visit with the Tatum girl! She brought us some fresh okra straight from her garden! I pan fried it! It was really yummy, and I was so proud of myself! I only got two teeny-tiny splatter burns!

Of course... another dessert from Pinterest! These were yummy, and I love that its only 4 ingredients! Rolo cookies! We still have lots... come eat them!!

So then I made another Pinterest recipe. We were eating dinner at the Watfords so I offered to bring dessert! Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie- sound delish?! It was maybe one of the richest desserts I've EVER had! But Mere and Mace pretty much cleaned their plates so it was hit :)
A few other new recipes I've tried out are Mimmie's Chicken and Dumplin's and Mammaw's Crockpot Chicken. They both are big recipes so we've been eating off both of them for a few days! Yumyum! It's really been crazy trying to stay on a budget and not eat out. I'm so use to being able to pick up whatever I want when I want it. Here's whats been keeping me in line, when I babysat a few weeks ago I got paid $100. So we said that had to last us till September for out to eat. For most people I guess this would be beyond simple... but I'm an "out to eat junkie!" It's tough!!! So far we went to Chickfila for lunch and just had to pay for the fries because we we're loaded up on coupons! Another night we went out to Johnny Rockets because we had a $15 giftcard, so we only spent about $8 including the tip. Then we went all out on Sunday. (haha, it's just in my blood to not cook on Sunday!) We went to Iguana's Grill for lunch and that was around $17 with tip (good right?!) Then that night I was craving some trash food so we hit up McDonalds (don't judge!!) that was only $9! Woohoo! I'm SOO ready for September to be here!!

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  1. I am so proud of all your cooking!! I also made Crockpot Mexican Chicken and some okra from Mammaws garden last week...always delish :)