Thursday, August 18, 2011

AU tulle wreath.

So ever since I became obsessed with Pinterest I've wanted to make some sort of Auburn wreath for our door for football season (16 days btw!) So when I came across this wreath:

I knew this was the tutorial for me! I love tulle... add a little orange and blue, perfection. So here's how it went:

I bought a straw wreath because they are super inexpensive. I got mine from HobLob for 1/2 off (for $2!) So to cover up all that straw I used some navy ribbon that was also on sale (about $3) Also, I didn't take the plastic off of the wreath so I wouldn't have to worry about the straw sticking out and being all messy!
So once I had it all covered (btw: I just used straight pins to hold it in place!) We cut the tulle in 18 inch long strips (I bought the spools of tulle, also 1/2 off! The orange was double what the blue was because it was "shiney" I had to double what the tutorial said, I originally had 1 blue and 1 orange spool (25 yds each) but had to get another of each!) So then you just tie the strips on. I did 10 orange and then 10 blue! So here it is:

I just want to add some kind of Auburn accent (little wooden sign) or white ribbon! And thanks to my sweet sister-in-law Katherine for helping me tie some of that tulle :)
War Eagle!

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