Monday, August 15, 2011

Embroidery hoops.

Pinterest has struck again! So I was contemplating what to do about our bed... In our new apartment there just seems to be so much wall and so little decor! So after thinking a little bit, I decided to try and do it myself! Whew, something simple- no worries! I found this on Pinterest for a baby's room (and I'd still LOVE to do it for a future child!)

So I went to Joann's to load up on embroidery hoops and fabric! No tutorial for me, I was on my own! It's not hard at all! I promise!

Instead of picking out fabric and standing in line for them to cut it... I just picked out some pre-cut fabric! It was $1.99 each and I still have some left!
I'm telling you... here's the easy part. You just take the inside hoop out put the fabric down and put the inside hoop back in!
I just cut with scissors really close after and it worked great!
So here's the final product! I really like it, it's exactly what I was going for :) So the total for the hoops and fabric was about $20. I did some research though and you can actually get the hoops at HobbyLobby for cheaper! When I went they we're running quite low, but I would definitely go there if you're going to do it :)
And once again I could go on and on about how much I LOVE me some Pinterest!! (this not having a job at the moment thing leaves lots of room for crafts! fun! don't tell Matthew! ;) haha)

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