Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is such a first for me. Living in a new place that I've never "known." Granted, I have definitely gotten to know my usual route, 65 to 459 to 280, rather well in my college days. But this whole new city, backroads, and where traffic is and when is so so so brand new! (This is all with the exception of my short month in Atlanta- all I did there was sleep and work, no adventuring and learning the place!) Thus far Hunstville/Madison and Auburn has been my home, its what I knew. It's where I knew how to get where to where the quickest and easiest. So, back to Birmingham. I am oh so excited to learn this great big new city! I've managed to only get lost once and I figured my way out of it like a pro :) Every day I expand my domain!

Well the learning (exploring!) of the city Tuesday led me to Homewood. Might I just say, I love Homewood! I could see me living my life there in a cute little house with Matthew and a few kiddos. It's little downtown strip seems like a little "everybody knows your name" town, but all within this huge city of Birmingham. Well that's a few years down the road! So... what I wanted to share is this super duper amazinggggg antique shop me and mom found there! Couldn't tell you the exact name but all I have to say is, LOVE. I could see myself making a monthly trip there to just browse. We each wished we could bring home about 30 pieces each but settled for 2. I found exactly what I was looking for... we needed something to put our printer on, but I also wanted it to have a shelf below for books/paper. FOUND it, love it!
The other piece I got is a cute little small ironed chair. I'm going to put it at our vanity in the bathroom. )I don't have a picture because it needed a slight little fix, which my wonderful father is taking care of at home! hey, it was only $10- I can handle a little fixin')

Today I actually had to "work." I don't know if you can call keeping the sweetest three little girls work, but it was 9 to 5 none the less. I just love these girls and cherish every little second with them :) I told Matthew we are going to have to get parenting lessons from their parents because the kids are so well behaved!
We had our first house guests at the apartment! Blake and Katherine were in Mississippi for an interview and decided to stay with us on the way home :) We were happy to have them, but sad to make them sleep on an air mattress! Sorry guys!
I promise picture's will be put up as soon as we put everything on the walls. I have a pinterest idea for some decor in our bedroom! AND big news, I'm making an Auburn wreath... can't wait to share pictures and details!!

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  1. We slept GREAT on the air mattress.. we don't mind at all!! :) Thanks again for letting us stay with yall!