Sunday, August 8, 2010

OU... University of Oklahoma?

It feels like it has been a long time since I last updated. I’ve been busy with lots of stuff and fun transitions.

First off Congrats to the wonderful newlyweds:

Michael and MaryLouise Kennedy

The Kennedy’s wedding was so much fun!! They had a band from Opelika and the dance floor was happening ALL night! ML looked beautiful and Michael was happy as could be :) Congrats you two, enjoy Atlanta!!

Ryan and Aubrey Martin

For this wedding I, with my family (Mom, Dad, Blake, and Elizabeth) rented the awesomely cool Ford Flex and headed out to Norman, Oklahoma. On the way we got to stop by one of Guy’s Triple D’s, Marlowe’s in Memphis. Then we spent the night in Little Rock, Ark before finishing our LONG journey to OK. We made it on Friday and settled in before the rehearsal dinner! I got to play photographer and it was so fun! We ate at this little Italian restaurant that was just so cute! Then on Saturday we got to spend a little time around the OU campus- a little too much red and white for me though!! But we went to the wedding and it was beautiful and they were just so thrilled! We did some hardcore dancing with the fam, which made for an even more fun night!! Matthew had to go help move Michael in up at seminary in North Carolina so he couldn’t come (actually to both weddings)… Sure makes me miss that boy!

So rewind… why have I been so busy and had some changes. Because I finally got to move into my new place- the trailer J Woohoo, I’m pumped! I love just about everything about it! I can’t wait to create memories there, plus it is such a wonderful feeling to know that it will be me and Matthew’s first home. Ahh, 9 months too long away!! Haha! So this summer has been the summer of living EVERYWHERE… no, seriously:

(okay, so a picture of my room at the trailer will be added when I get back to AU!)

So glad in every situation God is so quick to supply everything I need and more. Still on the job hunt, but I know the Lord will supply. Also, the wedding planning continues! A few weeks back I won a $100 giftcard from The Perfect Palette blog to Wedding Online J What a motivator to get planning! All of my bridemaids have been asked- they all said “I Do!” This is how I asked all my favorite ladies:

So here lately seems as if everyone is getting engaged. Matthew said, “this is early, engagement season is in October” Haha, not sure where he got that but it is definitely “the season” I’m excited to have some friends join me on this crazy time of planning!!

So after this trip to Oklahoma, or Sooner-land, I must end with: 26 days til kickoff, War Eagle!! And to go along with that… another W thing from Katherine! Love it!!


  1. oh how much i love your blogs! :)
    let me know if you need anything! I'm just settling in in Atlanta, job searching too... blah.

  2. Great post! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I will go post one so you can't call me a slacker... haha! :)