Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

My home sweet home = my trailerrrrrr.

I absolutely LOVE living in the trailer. It's like having your own house, with a yard and a porch :) Here's my insides:
(living room! and a coffee table to be added eventually)
(favorite part of our house!)
(boring side of my room!)
(my room! need a desk chair still)

Also been enjoying the big kitchen to cook in:
Cooked Blueberry Buckle which I found on one of my favorite blogs! It was really yummy, and makes for a wonderful breakfast!

Today Bro. Al was so on the mark with his sermon. He taught on practical and spiritual ways to prepare for corporate worship. One that hit home for me was a favorite Bro. Al quote, "Saturday night live, Sunday morning dead" So trueee, hopefully this week will help me get into a routine of getting to bed earlier and also spending more time in the Word.
Okay, so I have an exciting post planned for tomorrow... hopefully :)

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