Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School...

So day after day I check the blogs I read and I consider updating my own. I just haven't had anything at ALL exciting to talk about. Don't get excited... I still don't.

WELL, my roomie has officially made herself at home here and we are actually surviving together. Wow, no one ever thought that we might go a day without killing each other- good start :) I tell you what, this whole "being responsible for someone" thing can really wear a girl out! I'm not really quote-on-quote "responsible"... but she is my little sis and needs a little help along the way. No but really we've had a good time so far, I may eat my words soon- hope not!

So tomorrow is the first day of school... well not for me (WEIRD) but for everyone else! So I guess everyones schedules are changing (hopefully mine too with finding a job, maybe!) I want to hang out and play with everyone!! I need a more exciting life, for better updates!! Of course we had TACOOO TUESDAY tonight! It was only me, Matthew, and Liz but a good start none the less!

OH, and I booked my wedding photographer :) I'm beyond thrilled about that! I got basically everything I wanted for just slightly "tiny-bit" over my budget!

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