Saturday, August 28, 2010


ohhhhemmmmgeeeee... this may have been one of the craziest weeks yet since, mmm finals week! But I did survive. Maybe not with as much "grace" as I would have liked. I spent all day Friday losing my voice slowly but surely. This morning woke up and it was complete. Haha, I whisper and it's funny.

It probably didn't help too much that I spent the majority of last night blabbing at the first "and fire" party of the year at the plex. Ugh, I sure am paying for it now!! But anyways the party was fun with a few fun surprises! For one Nathan Douthit surprised Matthew with the presentation of a "man cake!" Lets just say that we had just eaten Mexican and I'm pretty sure not much else was going to go in his mouth! Haha, thankfully Micah came to the rescue and instead we had a Freshman eating contest!

Haha, it was quite entertaining to say the least! Then we were also in the first group of people to her Logan and Mac's new rap single :) It was a treat!

So having a job really makes someone enjoy the weekend! I've had a semi productive Saturday (besides the being sick thing!) I did some cleaning around the house and I bought some khakis for work! I'm really just tired though because I haven't been getting good sleep! Yuk!
Anyways tomorrow will be a first for me: a Bridal Show :) I'm so excited! Me and mom are going to meet in Bham and let the adventure begin! Maybe we can get some good ideas!!

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