Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here lately.

Here lately has been me hanging out. I hate to admit it, but it is the truth. Currently I am waiting for jobs I have applied for to pan out. To keep me busy Mammaw has been a wonderful host and treats me to lunch quite often (Diane too!) It's a fun time for me to get some quality time with them two... I mean lets be honest- I will never get this opportunity again. So after I get back from Oklahoma if nothing is still not in the works I'm off to apply anywhere and everywhere, part-time or full-time. The sky is the limits :)

On the wedding side of things... BIG news. I got my first W item this past week Haha! It's a stamper like for envelopes and stuff!! It was on sale at Wrapsody and I just had to have it!! Woohoo, I hope many more W's are to come!!

Another fun wedding update: Me and Matthew have been searching around for the perfect honeymoon. It's hard!! He's not crazy about the beach, I'm not crazy about old timey stuff, and we both don't like absolute seclusion. Hmmm, where to go?! Well our latest idea is New York. We've both never been, perfect!! Well, except that everything there is expensive!! So my bright idea:

Our honeymoon fund jar :) Since I'm currently absolutely obsessed with glass containers what a fun project to make. Yes, I said project. haha! I've been reading lots of blogs about doing little crafty things and redoing furniture and stuff... I'm completely inspired! So, this was a good start!

Well to catch up a little bit. Matthew and I headed to Bham and Hunstville this past weekend. We had quite the busy schedule, but it was fun! Friday night he took me out to our favorite restaurant in Bham, Firebirds! It was delicious as always, and we really had a pleasant, fun evening. (except I need to teach him how to do a correct fishy face!!)

After date night, and Lauren and Kyle's wedding in Bham on Saturday we headed straight for Huntsville. We had to take this little detour of a trip to meet with Pastor Stott there to make sure we could use Southside for our wedding! We are approved, and are officially on the calendar for May 7, 2011 :) Yay!!

Tuesday we ventured to Atlanta with Lakeview College and some families from the church for a Braves game! It was really fun, and really hot! Got to spend some quality time with Katherine and Rebekah so that was super fun!

We also got to ride there with the Waldrop family! They were just precious and I so enjoyed getting to know them!! Ahh, I have such a desire to know and love the people at Lakeview like I've known and loved the people at Southside for so many years! The car ride was far from boring with these two cuties in the back seat!! Trent and Tanner, ah I love them!!

So to finish off... let me recommend to you: read The Heavenly Man! I'm not completely through it yet, but it is super good!! I will give you an update when I'm done, then you'll have to read it!!


  1. Love your W stamp, so cute! We are planning a NY trip too! No idea how we will afford it, but this will just have to be our first splurge! haha

  2. Hey Summer, congrats on winning the Wedding Outlet giveaway!! What's your email address? I need to send it over to the folks over at The Wedding Outlet so they can send you your GC! Email me at with your contact information!