Monday, July 5, 2010

Sleeping animals.

Fun day with lots of walking. As I lay here my arches are killing me... they've never hurt like this before! Ugh- how annoying!! Today we checked out of the LA Zoo.

It was pretty cool. Most of the animals were either sleeping out of sight or just hanging out in the shade. They said a lot of the animals would be in the shade because of the major "heat wave." Oh how funny, these people don't even know what hot is!! It was also kinda funny to see all the different types of people here. It was SO crowded, and we were definitely in the minority... welcome to the Great American Melting Pot!! But it was still pretty fun to see the zebras and chimps have their moments of craziness!!

After the zoo we were pretty much famished so we were off in the search of food! We ended up in Glendale at a little outdoor mall thing. We got In-n-Out again, and mom got hers from another little shop. We had a potato hurricane! It was so delish!!!

After lunch we went to check in to our new hotel, right next to the airport. It's huge, and were on the 12th floor!! A little different then our last stay. After we checked in we were off to see Manhattan beach! All the little houses were so cute, and we could definitely see how this could be a fun beach vaca! The beach was really cold though!! The wind and water were freezing!!!

When we were driving around looking at the beach and houses we came across a Joe's Crab Shack... if you know the Thaxton's then you know we can't help but eat some Joes!!! Me and dad shared our regular BBQ crab, and it was delicious!!

After driving around for a bit we headed back to the hotel and then spent a little quality time in the hot tub!!

So a good day to end our trip, now were off to traveling home tomorrow. I'm thrilled about getting back to my Matthew :)

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