Saturday, July 3, 2010

They got more bounce in California.

Oh how I love me some quality California time.

On Thursday I was off to Atlanta for a night at the Fox with my sweet friend Hannah. She got tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera for her birthday and she asked me to go with her :) It was a wonderful show that we both really enjoyed! After we got to experience some (what we think were) street racers and then a good time of hanging out at her apartment!!

Friday afternoon my intern friend Nicole picked me up to take me to the airport!! Ahh, boy do I owe her! We stopped at Willy's for lunch - which we heard was a "better" Moe's, we disagreed. And then she dropped me off and my airport fun began. Ever since my first flight to California with my dad when I was in 8th grade I have LOVED airports. I think its because they are a stepping stone of taking me where I want to go :) So I made it through checkin and security like a pro and waited for mom, dad, and Elizabeth to arrive on their late flight from Huntsville!

They showed up, and we boarded our flight and we were off to Cali. It was a wonderfully easy flight and now-a-days they even have internet to buy: that sure does make for a quick flight. We also got to watch some of the World Cup- it was funny when everyone cheered when different things happened. Also got to catch an episode of Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals and got a good recipe!

California day 1 and 2 went off excellently. When we got there we were off to Santa Monica Pier to hang out and have a fun happy birthday dinner for mom at Bubba Gump's!

Day 2 was spent in and around LA. First we headed up to Griffith Park to the observatory for pictures with the Hollywood sign!

Then we went to Hollywood and also got to get some yummy ice cream at Disney's Soda Shop. Some of our favorites that had visited there as well are the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus!

Then we spent some time in Beverly Hills (because "thats where I want to be!!!"). We drove through Rodeo Drive and some fancy neighborhoods before heading to In-n-Out Burgers for lunch! This is one of my fav's so I was super happy! It happened to be right by the UCLA campus, so that was neat!

After that we headed to a famous donut shop dad had heard about! It was really yummy!!

After that we were kind of worn out so we went back to the hotel to rest up before dinner! For dinner we went to a place called Claim Jumper. It was a neat little place with a good atmosphere and yummy food!

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