Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Trail of 100 Giants.

Day 3 in California consisted of DRIVING, and lots of it.

We were off on an adventure for sure! We headed out and turned the GPS on mute so we could go where we wanted. haha Dad wanted to take the scenic route to show us the desert on the way to the Sequoia National Forest so we ended up traveling there for a good 4 1/2 hours.

The pictures we got were totally worth it though.

It was all so pretty, and so different then Alabama or the South! For lunch we ate at Mimi's Cafe. The service was absolutely horrendous but they did send us away with muffins for breakfast! Oh man, now I must go on my soap box about the AMAZING Sequoia trees!! I'm not sure the pictures will do it justice. They are H-U-G-E!!!

They were spectacular! We walked on a trail that was a little over a mile called the Trail of 10o Giants. It was true, there were quite a few "giants." Please notice how teeny tiny we are below:

Absolutely magnificent! After driving back, which only took about 2 1/2 hours we searched for a fun pizza place but ended back at the hotel to get some made by their restaurant. It was yummy, and we pigged out!

So tomorrow another day... I hope we go to the LA Zoo :)

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