Monday, June 28, 2010

Job hunt.

Oh the job hunt continues.

Although I have enjoyed being back in Auburn, away from pulling weeds, the job search is hard. It's kind of emotionally draining. It's an on going process so hopefully it will eventually lead to something!

On the other hand, wedding plans are rockin' and rollin'. We have the church and reception site booked :) What a relief! I feel like I can sit back and relax now. Still trying to make minor decisions though! I think I've settled on a color theme, I know what kind of dresses I want for my bridesmaids, I know who will be my bridesmaids (; and Jeanna helped me find a photographer that I LOVE last night who I'm waiting to hear back from! I told my dad that he is kind of in charge of finding a caterer for the reception. I know he will find someone good for a good price! More details to come... and maybe an inspiration board?! If I can figure that out!! (ML inspires me!! haha!)

Check out our knot page for fun details!

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  1. AHH! love your knot page!
    thanks for the shout out! Let me know and I will show you some inspiration boards! If you want, I will make some for you too! I haven't done any in awhile! :)