Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello Auburn.

So, I'm back in Auburn... like for good.

On Wednesday I let the company, I was working with, know that Thursday would be my last day! It had come about that I may think about leaving sooner rather than later since I felt like I had different expectations of what this summer would be. When I heard internship and even after talking with the management of the company I had the idea that I would get to learn all aspects of the green industry! Four weeks into it and I was still on a Floriculture crew picking weeds, watering pots, and laying mulch. Stuff that in one weeks time I would have fully got the "gist" of what they do. I, as with the other interns, imagined getting to experience it all- like maybe a week with each crew, a week following the designer, a week in the office etc, etc. I talked to the VP, who was responsible for recruiting and basically being our boss, on Tuesday about what I was thinking and how I felt I wasn't learning anything. He talked to me with complete disrespect, and later I found out that he actually lied right to my face about some things. After that I just decided that was something I didn't want to be a part of any longer. So Wednesday night I packed up my car and I headed out Thursday after work. It was exciting to leave, after I had been a bit miserable, but I didn't like the idea of "quitting" or having to leave the other interns.

So now Im back in Auburn and now searching for a job! If anyone hears of any kind of opening with office, secretarial, or bank type jobs in Auburn or Opelika or even Montgomery PLEASE let me know as soon as you can.

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