Tuesday, December 25, 2012

39 Weeks.

How far along? 39 weeks... it's baby time folks. Cameron is coming tomorrow :)

Maternity clothes? Yes yes yes. Excited to start working out and getting back into some regular clothes!

Stretch marks? Same same.

Sleep? Well that's a joke right?! I wake up everytime I have even the slightest contraction and when I roll over... what a nightmare! I'm so ready for a change- even the waking up in the middle of the night to take care of my baby kinda change!

Best moment last week? Preparing for Cameron! I did some deep down cleaning and have everything ready for our homecoming as a family of three :) It really still feels surreal!

Movement? Yes, not as much since he is getting squished up in there... still some pretty sharp movements though!

Food cravings? Anything, everything. Haha. The whole "you lose room in your stomach, so you can't eat as much" thing didn't happen to me!

Gender? BOY!

Labor signs? Been feeling some contractions... nothing severe but definitely more than I had been feeling... hoping that I'm progressing some. Some back pain, not much though.

Belly button in/out? Oh, out out out.

Missing? Comfort. But so worth it for our little Cameron!

Looking forward to? MEETING CAMERON!!!!!!!!!!! We go in tomorrow morning at 6 am, hopefully they will get the ball rolling and maybe we will have our bundle of joy by the afternoon :) (Who knows thoughhhh) So excited!!

So thats it for my bump updates :) Hopefully an introduction to Cameron Martin coming soon!

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