Monday, December 17, 2012

38 Weeks.


How far along? 38 weeks... it's crunch time people! Cameron could decide to come anytime!!

Maternity clothes? This question is silly at this point! Of course I'm in maternity clothes. Although my favorite is still pj's!

Stretch marks? No new ones, thank goodness!!

Sleep? It's improved a little the past few nights. I still can't go to sleep til around 1 am, but I seem to get better quality sleep. Still waking up a lot using the restroom! But really no complaints... I feel like I'm getting ready for what's to come :)

Best moment last week? Just making it through :) It's all good at this point... just knowing sweet baby boy will be here soonish is amazing and encouraging. I'm so ready.

Movement? Oh yes. He just loves to stick out an elbow or knee right at my belly button. Me and Matthew are still so intrigued by it!

Food cravings? Chocolate milk. YUM. all. the. time.

Gender? Cameron! My baby boy!

Labor signs? Went to my 38 week appointment this morning... I've progressed to 2 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced! (And if you like the gritty details... I've lost my mucus plug!) We decided to discuss with Doctor Mckenzie about if being induced next week would be a wise decision, or even a possibility. He said my cervix is actually very favorable and after I've hit the 39 week point he is fine with inducing (We felt we needed to discuss and think about an induction a little early due to Matthew's work schedule. Had we waited til say our due date the 31st, Matthew would only be able to be off on that Monday and Tuesday and then be completely loaded at work the rest of the week. I really was getting stressed about thinking of doing a lot of this by myself. So after having a good report of continuing to progress and the doctor saying that I would probably react to an induction exactly as if I went into labor on my own- We have scheduled an induction for Dec. 27th at 6:30 am! I'm so excited to think that sometime in the next 10 days our baby boy will be here :) It really is a wonderful feeling! Of course we are continuing to pray and hope that he will decide to come on his own before the 27th!)

Belly button in/out? Out or flat sometimes... depends on the moment!

Missing? The ease of rolling over in bed- it's the little things folks!

Looking forward to? Meeting our baby boy! Could this possibly be my last bump update!? Probably not but a girl can continue to dream!

Milestones? I will continue to say making it this far!

My doctors office called this morning and asked if I would be okay having my baby a day early. Umm, yes. So, I'm now scheduled to be induced on December 26th at 6:30 am. :)

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