Saturday, November 3, 2012

31 Weeks.

{Obviously this is right before bed and I look tireddd!}
How far along? THIRTY.ONE. weeks. (10/29) When did we get here?? 

Total weight gain? Too too much, this is my least favorite thing about being pregnant. Around 20 pounds! Ugh!!

Maternity clothes? Well, of course. I tried on some regular jeans just to see and that was funny. Matthew definitely got a kick out of it! I'm in need of a few warm shirts. It's been pretty chilly around these parts!

Stretch marks? I've found a few. Some things you just can't control unfortunately :(

Sleep? This is a sore subject for me. I think about two days ago I thought, wow my sleep has really been going well. I really haven't suffered from insomnia or being uncomfortable or anything for that matter... Well that night that changed. Now I'm basically having hot/cold flashes, waking up sweating to death and then waking up later freezing! I also wake up often. And I'm very paranoid of having good circulation, so I'm trying to sleep on my left side- which I hate. This resulted with a horrible crick in my neck today. I know I will survive though :)

Best moment last week? Can't think of anything specific. But I really am just enjoying carrying my baby boy around and preparing to meet him. It really is surreal to me that it's two months {give or take a little} till we get to meet our CamMan.

Movement? all.the.time. I do LOVE this. And sometimes I'll be dramatic and talk to Cameron about kicking and poking me so hard... but really I love it, every little punch!

Food cravings? Nothing too much. I kind of have had to make myself eat here lately... like I'm hungry but not really. I sometimes am eating just because I know I need to!

Gender? BOY!

Labor signs? A few braxton hicks here and there. Nothing unusual.

Belly button in/out? I'm still calling it a halfie... top is sticking out strong and I get a lot of comments on it, but it's certainly not all the way out!

Missing? My wonderful hardcore sleep. 

Looking forward to? Baby shower on Sunday!! My friends are so great for throwing me one {Can't wait to return the favor!}! And excited to see all the fam! Going to the doctor on Monday! Get to finally get back to my doctor now that I have met all the ones in our group! 

Milestones? Making it this far?! :) :)

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