Tuesday, November 6, 2012

32 Weeks.

Wowzers, how things have changed!!

How far along? 32 weeks. (11/5)

Total weight gain? Around 22 lbs, but I am happy to report that my doctor said that he was VERY pleased with it. Yay, makes me feel much better!

Maternity clothes? All the time. Can I just stay in my pjs and a comfy shirt please?! 

Stretch marks? Still the same few :( Still slightly upset about it!

Sleep? Waking up often!! Just switching from side to side and getting up to use the restroom. And now with this time change I'm ready for bed at like 7 oclock! It's ridiculous!

Best moment last week? My baby shower on Sunday!! My sweet friends Anna, Jeanna, and Meagan were wonderful hostesses and did such a great job! Our CamMan is one blessed little guy. Can't wait to bring him into this world to love on you all :) 

Movement? all.the.time. Here lately he is just punchin, pokin, and squirmin' 24/7. I do love it, but it is slightly on the painful side sometimes!

Food cravings? Nothing specific. Trying to keep on eating my fruits and veggies!

Gender? boy!

Labor signs? Still a few braxton hicks.

Belly button in/out? Well I guess I should say that it is officially out. I just looked and oh yes it is out. Goodness, goodness! 

Missing? Well I've started swelling slightly. Nothing I can see with my eyes but I've had to quite wearing my wedding rings :( I was dreading this day. My doctor said better to go ahead and take it off rather than let it get too tight. But it still makes me sad. I will be happy to get it back on after Cameron makes his way into the world!

Looking forward to? Hopefully working on the nursery some more this weekend. I want to get the window treatment up! Ready to have it done so I can post a nursery reveal post!!

Milestones? Made it to 32 weeks, and my appointment went great :)

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