Monday, November 19, 2012

34 Weeks.

{Happy Thanksgiving!}

How far along? Thirty four weeks!

Total weight gain? Although my doctor said I'm on the right track, I've decided to opt out of this question from here on out. I kinda hate getting on the scale anyways. I try to be transparent but I'm drawing the line, sorry folks. 

Maternity clothes? Yes, always. I keep thinking of these blue corduroy pants from Gap Maternity that I didn't try on. I would really like to go back and atleast see if they fit :) I think with a black top they would be super cute!

Stretch marks? Same as last week. It's no fun.

Sleep? Still difficult, but I have my good nights and my bad nights. Back and hips hurt when I wake up.

Best moment last week? When I went to MIT on Wednesday and my 2nd grade girls and two co-leaders threw me a surprise baby shower!! They had cute decoration and yummy snacks! It was wonderful!

Movement? A ton!! He's head down with his back coming up my right side and his bottom at the top middle, and feet and legs on the right side. SOO, lots of movement in the foot area! 

Food cravings? Nothing particular... but I am beyond excited about Thanksgiving and the yummy food this week! I can't get enough pumpkin pie and turkey and gravy! YUM.

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs? Still just some normal Braxton Hicks... even though I know I need to wait several more weeks... I just wish he would hurry up and come already!! haha 

Belly button in/out? Outtttt, it's so unfortunate. :)

Missing? Just silly things like having more options of clothing!

Looking forward to? Thanksgiving with the Watford family :) 

Milestones? Still not a huge fan of this question. I have felt Cameron have hiccups twice now. It's so funny.

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