Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's a...


Meet Cameron Martin Watford :)

We were so excited to go to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon! They called me back and she went ahead and measured everything and had some pictures saved! Matthew came back and she pulled up the "gender" picture! She says, "He's definitely a boy!" And after we saw it, we agreed :)

I squeezed Matthew's hand and knew he was jumping up and down on the inside! I whispered to him that it was Cameron! And we were just grinning from ear to ear!! We were happy to hear that he is very healthy and growing right on track right now! She told us that everything looks great!!

After the appointment we went and looked at some baby stores just for fun and nursery furniture! We were so excited that it worked out for my family to be coming through town the next day so we could tell them in person!

So Matthew and I got to celebrate together on Wednesday night and prepare to share with our family and friends! I decided to do a cupcake reveal (thanks to Pinterest!) I stayed up till 12 cutting out the center of cupcakes and filling them with BLUE icing! My parents and sister Elizabeth and Matthew's parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins (and also Meaghan & Brandon and Stacy & Michael joined us through technology!) I had everyone sign a sheet guessing if they thought it was a boy or a girl! And this group overwhelmingly thought GIRL! So, it was a fun surprise!! My fam gave our Cameron some fun basketball gear and the Watfords gave him a blue doggie lovie! 

After celebrating in Birmingham, I headed with my parents down to Auburn to reveal the big secret to my family and a few friends! The majority of this group thought BOY so they were right on! They all gave Cameron sweet gifts of wipes and a few other goodies! It was so sweet!!

I've finally started to look pregnant and feel pregnant (being uncomfortable while sleeping etc I consider feeling pregnant!!) So I'm thankful for good progress :) God has blessed our little family so much already!! Thankful for each and every blessing!

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