Monday, November 22, 2010

Day five.

"My siblings"

Let me begin by saying... I have been blessed.
I have my wonderful two older brothers and one younger sister, but I also have to lovely sister-in-laws. And as if that wasn't enough, I get to add three sisters and one brother to that list when I marry my Matthew! :)

So, let's meet them. (left to right) This is my sister-in-law Katherine. She goes with my brother Blake. Then there's my sister Elizabeth. We live together this year, and are actually surviving. Next we have my brother Wade and his wife and my sister-in-law Amy! We all get along, and I look forward to all starting are own little families and our kids being the best of cousins! It will be a fun time!

Next to meet the future-siblings!
Meet Meaghan, the oldest of the Watford clan... but now she is an Odom. So Brandon will also be a new sibling (sorry for no pic Brandon!) I wish these two didn't live quite so far!

Next we have Michael. I knew Michael before I met Matthew. He's a pretty cool guy, but he lives super far too.

And last but certainly not least is Meredith and Macie. They are fun, and I think it's so fun to have some siblings that are quite a bit younger than me!

There they are... all 3 of my siblings, 2 sibling-in-laws, and 5 sibling-in-laws to be! I told you I was blessed :)

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