Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day two.

"The meaning behind your blog name"

There's not too much of a story with this. When I was making my blog I wanted to come up with something that went "good" with my name, because I knew I wanted it to be Summer's "something"... So I thought of a good "s" word that meant something along the lines of what I thought or felt. I finally came up with "Sentiments" and I think it works pretty well. See... not a good story at all.

Am I allowed to do a regular post with my 30 Day Challenge? Well I don't think there are any rules so here I go:
Just one super exciting bit of information... Auburn is 11-0! Woah, it's been quite the ride. Especially with all the recent "allegations" against my CamCam. I have absolutely no idea if he is guilty or innocent, but for his own sake I hope it's all just a bunch of junk (I guess for our sake too!) Another exciting thing, WE'RE GOING TO THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! War Eagle, can't wait to take on those Gamecocks again!
Now an update on the job front. Just last week I got moved from my 18-21 month olds to a 3 year old class. I'm beyond pumped and have enjoyed it so much so far!! It's still yukky work at the daycare but still at least I can go to work a little more happy now! Well, isn't God good? Don't forget it!
Hmm, so how's the wedding planning going you ask?! Well it's a measly 174 days away and I've got about a billion things left to do. But that makes it especially fun, right? Yes! Right now I'm working on booking the caterer, cake maker, and doing invitations.... also looking for a veil and accessories and deciding on bridesmaids dresses- (which I had already decided on but am now second guessing... haha!) But it is fun. Can't wait till the day gets here!!
Okay, well I think that is most definitely an update suitable for catching you all up :)

See you tomorrow for day 3.

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