Monday, May 3, 2010

Ele the Escape.

Meet Ele. (pronounced like Ellie)
I got to meet Ele on Friday night after Meaghan and Brandon's wedding. I think me and Ele will be best friends super quick. I've shown her around Birmingham, Huntsville, and Auburn.
She was such a surprise, it was pretty much love at first sight :)

Here's the story: After the wedding mom and dad got me to believe that dad really wanted to pick us up from the front of the reception place and drive me and Matthew to our car before heading back to Madison. Easy enough for them- I had no trouble with letting him do that. So we went and waited for dad to pull up. (Mom told me later she watched Matthew as he watched every car passing by checking to see if it was mine! He knew I was getting a car, but didn't know which kind!) So dad pulled in and I immediately say, "Whose car is this?!" Mom says in an excited voice, "Whose do you think it is?!" I replied, "No, whose car is this?!" as I started crying! It so isn't typical for me to cry like that, but it was just such a shock and surprise! Matthew told me he didn't know if those were happy tears or what since he had never experienced them before! haha!
I am just so excited and thankful for my new car! I still don't think its quite sunk in but I have been enjoying it! Mom and dad used the excuse that they couldn't let me drive around Atlanta this summer with a go-kart (you know... with the possibility of going under 18-wheelers and everything- thats what my mom ALWAYS says!)

Just a quick side note- Meaghan and Brandon's wedding weekend went off without a hitch! She looked absolutely beautiful and everyone had so much fun! I had a blast getting to spend time with all of the Watfords and the extended family! Everything from the rehearsal dinner and bridesmaid brunch to the wedding ceremony was flawless! I'm so excited for them and their married life together. Can't wait to see what God has in store :) ALSO, can't wait for a trip to Jacksonville to visit them!

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