Saturday, May 22, 2010


As I write this I'm sitting in my Atlanta apartment, listening to the Marta train zoom by. WEIRD. Who would have ever thought I would be living it up with three girls I didn't know in Atlanta. Not me! One of my life goals: AVOID Atlanta at any cost. HAHA, that didn't happen. So here I am.
Mom, Dad, Matthew, Blake and Katherine drove over with me to help get me all settled in! We came and unloaded my stuff and then headed to Mellow Mushroom for lunch. We also went on an adventurous trip to find Wal-Mart. I feel like we may have gone in a billion circles!
Three of the four roommates are here, and the last one will be here tomorrow! I couldn't be more thrilled about how its going! I've met two of the guys and we may all eat dinner tomorrow night to get to know each other!
What a strange and exciting summer this will be. It is SO different than being dropped off in Auburn freshman year (Although I did have that same sinking feeling today as I did freshman year when I walked across Samford Avenue to Dunn Hall for the first night). There, in Auburn, I was at home. I knew where I was and how to get anywhere- I knew tons of people that were simply a phone call away! Here they left me, and I felt almost completely alone. I sat down on my bed, with all my luggage on the floor beside me (YES, on the floor!! They forgot to put any furniture in my room but a bed! haha) and thought, What next? Of course a few minutes later I was over it, no big deal. I'll see familiar faces on Thursday. This ISN'T a big deal!
So off I go on my next big adventure. Be prepared for many updates, and hopefully a lot of pictures :)

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