Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Can you believe it? I'm an Auburn University Alumni!

I got a card from Matthew's grandparents that said "The tassel was worth the hassle" Wow, that statement couldn't be any more accurate with all that I had to deal with just in this last month. Whew, but it's done- it's over with! Time to CELEBRATE!
We had such a good weekend! Everyone headed to Auburn on Thursday for pictures with Aubie, and a graduation party for me and Katherine and then later desserts at Mammaws for Robyn and the two of us! Friday we went to the College of Ag breakfast and then to Samford lawn to take pictures! Next came graduation and then straight to Bham for the Lady Antebellum/Tim McGraw concert! Saturday was all of Elizabeth's graduation festivities! And Sunday off to Bham with Matthew for a graduation celebration lunch! It was a great weekend :)

What a blessing everyone has been. The encouragement I was given through all the recent struggles and then just all the support through the weekend! Everyone saying how proud they are! Mostly thanks to Mom and Dad- they've survived through everything with me! They gave me the best present ever: Ele, and so much more through the years! I SO appreciate all the help from everyone for our party (Thanks Gmother, Gdaddy, Mammaw, Diane, Blake, Mrs. Shore, and Mom!!) And also everyone who sat through all of those graduations (If you were lucky enough to sit through two, or even three over the whole weekend!) And also thank you to all the Watfords and Palmers for being so sweet and letting me join in on yall's celebration!! So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It all means the world to me and I'm not too sure I was able to express it to you all!

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