Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last Week.

Oh my goodness... It's my last week of school, EVER.

I've made it through Freshman year- adjusting to college life and living with someone I'd never met.
I've made it through sophomore year- being in charge of paying bills and learning how to live even more on my own, oh and meeting someone amazing and falling in love.

I've made it through my junior/senior year- It's had its ups and downs and so many good memories. I've enjoyed getting to know my Horties so well.
I've just about made it through and I've almost enjoyed every minute of it!! (This last bit may has left a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth! Oh and an update: I should find out a for sure answer by the end of this week. But everyone assumes that I should be able to graduate.) I love Auburn and I am so glad I had the opportunity and privilege to go here and "hopefully" graduate! I am so thankful to the Lord for letting me finish with a "ready" heart. I have no desire to not be done, or have more time here. He is so good, and so faithful!

Through school I learned too many things and lessons to count. Auburn gave me a home away from home, an extended family too many to count, and a love that can't be duplicated. I wouldn't trade these years for anything.

So as I have one more day of class, Monday, I will go and soak in every minute of my last time to learn at Auburn University as a student. War Eagle.

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