Thursday, April 1, 2010

Busy as a bee.

Hi, welcome to the busiest week of my life.

For real though, it has been so intense. I'm one of those people who just likes to sit back and RELAX at home. I feel like this week I have been home for like .2 seconds! No time for relaxation or "Summer time!"

It did start out great! I went to the Will Graham Celebration at the coliseum and Skillet, Matthew West, and Toby Mac were there! Toby Mac was awesome, and he makes me want to go and get all of his old cd's out and JAM :) Got to spend some quality time with Blake and Katherine, since Matthew was studying for a hard week of tests!
Here's the rundown for the rest of the week:
Interview with a landscaping company from Montgomery
Intermural softball game
Judging Aubie tryouts... on Monday.
Aubie tryouts practically took my whole Tuesday.
Wednesday I feel like I was going, going, going! Classes had me going from here to there and everywhere. Had a little time for something fun... AU softball game. War Eagle.
Sailing lab
Lunch with my boy
talk with Chette
Tiger town run
Claire and Wills Wedding Shower... on Thursday.

I'm serious, it never ends! This is not to say I don't enjoy it... it has just been a super LONG week.
I need a weekend at home and a week off of school: Wish GRANTED.

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