Monday, February 11, 2013

Transition from me to mommy.

Linking up today...

Transitioning from just plain ole me to mommy to my sweet Cameron was a roller coaster of a ride that I never could have imagined. It's been the hardest most wonderful thing I've ever been through {which I'm still going through!}

Rewind to the hospital. What I remember most: a crying baby, a husband with a headache, and a mommy that was sleepy, recovering, and overwhelmed. It takes a few days for your milk to come in... c'mon God, couldn't you have hooked us up and made the transition a little easier? So poor baby Cameron is just a fighting for every drop of colustrum he could get. Yes, I know his stomach was teeny tiny at that point, but hello eating equals comfort. He just wanted to happily hang out with his mommy. Well he did pretty well during the day but as soon as mom and dad were ready to climb in bed and get those wonderful two hours of sleep... Cameron wanted to make some noise. Nothing like screaming baby at 2 am. Thankfully we survived.

I assumed home would be different.

Home wasn't different. Thankfully though, my milk came in the morning after we got home from the hospital! I could now fill up this little baby of mine. But little man still thought nighttime was daytime and vise versa. He was waking up at 2 am eating well then wanting to stay up and play for 2 to 3 hours. Not okay- when did I sign up for this? was running through my head!

We eventually began to figure it all out. My doctor told me to be sure to wake him  up every two hours in the beginning so he could figure out when night time was! This helped a lot. It's really hard to make yourself wake them, but it was for the best. Once he figured it all out he has been a great night time sleeper.

Let's just say it's been quite the adjustment.

The biggies:

Hormones- Don't even get me started about this! I've always been pretty steady headed. Could go with the flow, adapt when needed... well so long to that for a few weeks after having a baby. I had moments of complete craziness! One minute I'm smiling and eating up this being a mommy gig... then I'm all tears for 30 minutes. I didn't notice it much in the hospital- too much going on! But when I got home, wow was I in for it. I've never been so emotional in my whole life. Don't worry... it eventually fades, and I got back to my happy self!

Breastfeeding- I knew coming into this, that this would be challenging. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well Cameron did. I am using the shield but he latches on great. Sure I'm sensitive, but totally worth it. And no, I'm not one of those moms that thinks breastfeeding is the best bonding me and this baby boy will ever get. The main reason I stick with it because financially it is what's best for us. I know the convenience of formula would be wonderful. Everyday it gets a little easier :)

Schedules- I am a schedule person. I loveeee them. I want to know what's coming and when. Well I'm slowly learning to throw that out the window with this child of mine. Anytime I think I've figured the little guy out he throws me for a loop. Right now we are just rolling with the punches. When he's hungry he eats, when he's sleepy he sleeps. We're going with the flow. I'm reminding myself, he's only six weeks ya know.

Growth spurts- If you are going through a growth spurt with your little one... throw everything you know out the window. With this comes unexplainable fussiness, extreme hunger like 24/7... and our little guy fights sleeping like nobodies business. Basically for these few days we are just hanging on for dear life! But once a little time passes things get back to normal, just remember that. So far we've hit big ones around 2-3 weeks and right now at 6 weeks.

Fussiness- So it's said that every evening babies release all this energy they have stored up from all the stimulation they've had through the day. They release this by acting slightly cray cray. We've noticed that Cameron follows suit with this. He's just not very content in the evenings. Thankfully I read that this peaks at 6 weeks and it's downhill from there :) {Yes I am that mom who takes pictures of my child crying!}

Let's just say this is ALL a work in progress. We learn more about our little guy everyday! It's been a wonderful six weeks!

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  1. Congratulations on the new little guy!! He's adorable and still so tiny! Our son is now 9 months, and I feel like those days crept by and flew all at once. Breastfeeding totally gets easier. I used the shield for a while then decided it was too much hassle, went through a few days of pain, and then it was smooth sailing. And those hormones?! Goodnnnness. Do they ever really go away?!