Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be my Valentine.

You know Valentines is the biggest holiday in all things blogs! Can't help it... you know deep down all girls love them a mushy-gushy day to celebrate! Last year was wonderful, we celebrated our first Valentines as a married couple... well it get's even better than that! This year I got to have TWO lovies to love on :)

First off, I got to spend my whole day with this little guy.

How can you not love all of that? Let me just tell you, he was a wonderful little Valentine. We had a great day of chilling and napping..

He may have gotten pretty spoiled from the family. Lots and lots of goodies!

Love my little man so much :)

Next, there's this guy. Love him, lots.

We waited till Monday to do some celebrating. {Matthew's bball team was in the middle of the end of the year tournament- so obviously a man scheduled that.} Yeah, so since he wasn't getting home till after 7 pm we decided to hold off.
It was worth the wait.

My sweet boy got me flowers, from the florist! He brought me a super sweet card and some chocolate. We took Cameron to Matthew's parents {free babysitter!!} and headed to PF Changs! We had a giftcard so it was delishhh and cheap! He also told me I can go get a manicure :) I'm very excited for that!

Matthew got some yummy heart brownies! I have such a chocolate lover on my hands!
So another Valentines has been recorded in the book. Such a fun time of year!!

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